Many natural stone applications induce leftover material. It is too small to fit another big project, yet big enough to suit a small creative design instead of filling the dust bin. Here are some ingenious ways of furnishing your home: bar or tabletop, bathroom vanity, windowsills or bands of backsplashes, just to name a few. Pick a partial and let your fantasy free!


  • Precision digital waterjet CNC fabrication is included
  • Edge profiles: eased is included
  • Project measurement is not included. 
  • Professional installation is not included. 


Note that our partials inventory changes on a daily basis since it’s first-come-first-served.
If you’d like to inquire about the availability of a piece, do contact us over the phone or send a text-based request. In addition, the website catalog only partially presents the choice galore available at our stocked warehouse.

How It Works



Choose a partial from the available catalog.


Contact us via the website or by phone to confirm whether it’s still available or not.


Pick up your chosen partial from our office.

Partials FAQ

In providing our customers with extensive project designs it’s of no surprise that excess high-quality natural stone piles up. While the quality is still there, the size simply doesn’t allow for completing another idea.

Partials, as the name suggests, retain the original glory and bring life into darker corners such as bar or tabletop, bathroom vanity, windowsills or bands of backsplashes just to name a few. Our stockpiles feature hundreds of granite, marble, quartz and other natural materials waiting to furnish your appliances. If you’ve ever thought about beautifying your environments with eco-friendly choices, choose a cost-effective way from our inventory.

Do partials have a warranty?

Partials retain the same quality as the original piece, so it’s only right that the warranty covers them as well.

Are partials cheaper?

Price does vary, however, you are paying for the material itself so it will be around the original price. But you do subtract any measurement and installation fees as they are not included. Please note that partials are not free of charge.

Is it possible to use several partials to fabricate a countertop?

It is indeed possible to fabricate such an application if one doesn’t mind having more than usual seems. Should the colors match and the customer decide on it, we will go about fabricating and installing a high-quality countertop.


We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.